Aug 18

Resort to Rock

RtoR60K_logo (1)

Resort to rock is coming up quick!  Be sure to get signed up.  This race offers two distance, a 32k & 60k . The event takes you up to the trails on Bogus Basin, the 32k takes advantage of the Around the Mountain trail and surrounding trails and the Bogus Basin Ski Resort while the 60k start with a nice down hill run out to Stack Rock, climbing back out to finish with a run on the 32k course.  The Resort to Rock offers some unique schwag for finishers that will not disappoint!  Stick around after and enjoy the mountain atmosphere with live music and beer!  Want to sign up?  visit

Aug 13

12th Annual Meridian Barn Sour



Join us at the 12th annual Meridian Barn Sour 10k/6k/1 Mile Fun Run!  The course incorporates Meridian’s pathways and parks in this fun and challenging run through the City.  The post-race award ceremony will include food, drinks, and a raffle with prizes from several local businesses.  The pre-registration cost is $25 for the 10k and 6k races and $15 for the 1 Mile Fun Run.  On-site registration is $30 and $20.

The Meridian Barn Sour is a fundraiser for the Care Enouh to Share program which awards scholarships to low-income Meridian residents to participate in recreation programs.  The event is being hosted by the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department with main sponsorship provided by Idaho Athletic Club,Shu’s Idaho Running Company, and The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop.  Online registration is available at, or an entry form is available at the Meridian Parks and Recreation office.  Packets will be available to pick up at the Meridian Parks and Recreation office on Friday, August 14th or before the race on the 15th.

Jun 29

Upcoming Events in July

The weather is hot and firey and so is the race schedule for July!!  Be sure to check out our Events page for a complete listing of what’s happening around the valley here are a few events the Pulse is sponsoring:

July 11th the Pulse sponsored ITUS series event the Beaverhead Endurance Runs



The Beaverhead Endurance Runs offer up a 100k & 55k race distances-


Overview: Both races are point to point and take place predominantly on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) and the Continental Divide. The length of Continental Divide covered in this event also represents the boarder between Idaho and Montana. On the west side is Idaho’s Lemhi River Valley on the East is Montana’s Big Hole Valley. In the 100K at mile 49, runners will leave the official CDT for the remainder of the course, but will continue along the true Continental Divide boarder for another 5 miles (mile 54). FYI, at mile 49 the CDT dips into Montana then turns parallel to the Continental Divide in-order to divert away from a section of hard to navigate terrain consisting of high mountains, skree, and cliffs. We as masochistic trial running RD’s think you should experience some of the beautiful skree fields but not the cliffs, so we will drop off the Continental Divide at mile 54 and descend into the head waters of Bohannon Creek and onto the finish line. The 55K race covers the second half of the 100K race starting near the Lemhi Pass AS.

Because runners following the Continental Divide [separation between drainage to the Pacific Ocean (Idaho side) and Atlantic Ocean (Montana side)] they will always be high in the mountains following the natural elevation changes along the divide and will not ascend or descend into the deep creek and river valleys that boarder the course, except when they drop off the divide to the finish. Because of this, the entire race is at a high elevation with respect to this part of Idaho and Montana. This course has a good mix of terrain, with a mix of climbs, descents, smooth trail and technical sections.

This section of the high, remote, rugged and scenic Beaverhead Mountains is rich in history. The birthplace of Sacajawea, the home of the Lemhi-Shoshone Indians, the Lewis and Clark expedition and gold mining are just some of the historic highlights from this part of the Rocky Mountains. Besides the occasional road, the landscape along the course is untouched and looks like it did over 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark crossed the divide and the Shoshone traveled to and from their winter and summer grounds over Lemhi Pass.

visit their website for more information:

July 22nd The Pulse Sponsored Kids Splash Pedal N Dash in Meridian


This kid friendly event is for little athletes ages 3-12 and benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Boise.  Kids will get the opportunity to Splash in the Meridian Pool, Pedal around the Meridian Speedway and Dash their way to the finish at Storey Park where they can slide down a 16ft inflatable water slide, receive a medal and cool off with an ice cream treat!  Each athlete will be entered to a raffle to win a free pair of Brooks kids shoes, Yogurtz gift card, or Jump Time package.

For more details visit the website: or go to to sign up!

Jun 20

Dairy Days 5k Results




Position Time BIB # Participant
1 00:18:32.861 556
2 00:18:57.555 525
3 00:19:14.136 572
4 00:19:52.400 552
5 00:19:57.406 566
6 00:20:20.102 553
7 00:20:39.488 545
8 00:20:47.871 567
9 00:20:54.221 539
10 00:23:33.827 501
11 00:23:55.637 564
12 00:24:24.477 557
13 00:24:40.597 533
14 00:24:49.041 528
15 00:24:51.975 527
16 00:24:56.770 554
17 00:25:24.254 534
18 00:26:54.557 570
19 00:26:54.965 568
20 00:26:57.979 139
21 00:27:41.513 555
22 00:27:42.047 512
23 00:27:42.516 547
24 00:27:43.007 571
25 00:27:45.131 554
26 00:28:04.869 517
27 00:28:19.407 546
28 00:28:22.441 516
29 00:28:28.161 503
30 00:28:29.456 504
31 00:28:45.404 522
32 00:28:48.481 573
33 00:29:01.291 530
34 00:29:16.298 574
35 00:30:03.957 536
36 00:30:34.792 565
37 00:31:08.798 535
38 00:31:09.147 520
39 00:31:14.304 519
40 00:31:27.424 532
41 00:31:30.357 531
42 00:31:37.293 575
43 00:32:35.705 521
44 00:32:36.126 502
45 00:32:43.012 513
46 00:32:48.204 514
47 00:32:48.545 549
48 00:33:08.480 524
49 00:33:35.431 506
50 00:33:39.426 526
51 00:33:58.673 529
52 00:33:59.194 541
53 00:34:38.411 540
54 00:34:46.862 562
55 00:34:50.652 507
56 00:35:10.974 523
57 00:35:55.306 544
58 00:36:11.479 537
59 00:36:28.439 560
60 00:37:45.341 550
61 00:37:49.544 551
62 00:37:50.374 519
63 00:38:32.440 561
64 00:38:33.473 518
65 00:38:43.492 548
66 00:45:15.438 558
67 00:49:39.341 559
68 00:49:39.974 511
69 00:52:03.157 542
70 01:01:40.923
May 11

Y Not Tri with The PULSE!

ynottriHave you ever thought about doing a Tri but weren’t quite sure you had what it takes to put together all 3 disciplines?  Maybe you’re a great runner but a so-so swimmer or cycling is your strong suit… Whatever has held you back you have no excuses any more!  The Pulse proudly coaches a begining triathlon training group.  We will take you through , the basics of swim, bike, run AND transitions!!  This is a great group with no intimidation factor.  Everyone has to start somewhere so Y NOT start with the Y Not Tri Together training group put on by The Pulse!!  Our first informational meet & greet, Q & A session is Wednesday May 13th at 6:15pm at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop.  Training schedules will be put together based on inforomation gathered at this meeting.

May 04

IronKids back in Boise!



The Boise Ironman 70.3 is coming to town in June and it is bringing IronKids with it!!  Friday, June 12th, kids will get a chance to run a mile of the Ironman run course starting at Julia Davis Park at 5:00pm.  This Fun Run is for kids ages 3-15 years of age, you can register online here, stop by The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop and pick up a registration form, OR there will be onsite registration Thursday 3-7pm & Friday 9 am-4:30pm.  Cost for the event is $15.00



Looking for other ways to get your kids active?  The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop will be hosting a kids Mile at a Time Kids club each week leading up to the Ironkids.  The kids will run a mile each week as a group with us at Kleiner park starting at 6:30pm on Thursdays. They can run up to 12 miles during this run group (6 with The Pulse and 6 at home) to work their way up to a half marathon, then when they run the mile with Ironkids it will add up to 13 miles (a half marathon), they will receive a special half marathon medal from The Pulse Running and Fitness shop in addition to their IronKids Medal.  Cost for the Mile at a Time Club is $10.00.

Apr 09

April is HOPPING!!

It looks as though Spring is in full swing in the Treasure Valley!!  Weekends are filling up with running events & activities…Here are a few things the Pulse would like to share with you…

Pulse Invitational

Please join us this Friday night at Centennial High School for the PULSE Invitational.  This track meet now in it’s 4th year has bragging rights as one of the largest meets in the valley!  Field events start at 4:30pm and running events will begin approx. 4:45pm





Saturday, April 18th, you can find us at the Summit of Robie Creek!  Be sue to hop by The Pulse and pick up a pair of fresh frog legs to help power you up to our aid station.  Drop your frog in the bucket at the top (with your bib number written on it) and you will be placed in a drawing for a FREE pair of Shoes!!  It will make that dowhill a breeze!!  Be sure to check our FB page after Robie for some great pics of you & your friends coming over the summit!


weisersmallSaturday April 25th come out and support the Weiser River 50k Ultra & Relay.  Registration closes Saturday April 12th, so there is still time to sign up at!!  The course is a 50-kilometer point to point (30+miles) from Council to Midvale Idaho using the scenic Weiser River Trail.  The trail runs alongside the Weiser River, through canyons and across open farmland. There is very little elevation change on the course, as the trail is a converted railroad bed and rail-trails gradually gain or lose elevation.  If you’re looking at testing the waters of a 50k this is a great one to try out!  It is also part of the Idaho Trail Ultra Series!


TherapeuticassocMonthly Video Gait Analysis with Therapeutic Assoc.

Tuesday April 21st, Brian Weiderman PT, DPT will do a whole body video assessment of your running form & foot strike. He and his associates will make recommendations and offer exercises to help keep you running strong!  Appt times are 15 minutes each starting at 6pm, you must schedule an apt as this clinic fills up fast!

All running shoes are 20% off when purchased at the clinic to help you take advantage of your video gait recommendations.